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May Board and Session Meeting
The Board and Session met via Zoom on Tuesday 11th May 2021 under the chairmanship of our Interim Moderator Rev. Sonia Palmer.
An edition of St. Laurence News will be published shortly and distributed at about the time of the May Communion, for which advance booking is mandatory. This edition of the Newsletter will contain important information about three matters which affect the search for a new minister, and on which the entire congregation must be consulted. The first is a governance change from a Board and Session structure to a Unitary Constitution, something which is unanimously supported by the Board and Session. The second is the election of a Nominating Committee to consider applications following a vacancy announcement. The congregation will be invited to make nominations to this committee, and, if necessary, an election will take place to fill nine places or thereabouts. The third matter is whether the congregation wishes to depart from the traditional church view of Christian marriage allowing, for example, gay ministers or those in single sex or civil partnerships.
The steps towards finding a new minister are proceeding, but have to be completed within the next nine months or so before our 'right to call' lapses.

If you have any matters that you would like to be raised for discussion at the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday 8th June; please speak to your usual contact within St Laurence - or raise them either
1) by email to: or
2) by way of comment on any of our Facebook posts.