The Guild

St Laurence Church Guild has been in existence since 1900, and is actively involved both locally and in the broader work of the Church of Scotland Guild.
It meets fortnightly on Tuesday evenings and uses the material produced centrally for the annual Theme and Discussion Topic.

The Guild enjoys fellowship with neighbouring Guilds, both in hosting and attending joint meetings in the Moray area and in supporting Rallies hosted by Moray West Presbyterial Council. It is also linked with the Lairg Church of Scotland Guild with whom joint meetings are arranged at least once a year. Regular meetings follow the current annual Theme with visiting speakers, and members are involved in St Laurence Church as well as other local activities. The Leadership Team plays an active part in leading worship at meetings, as well as conducting the entire Morning Worship in St Laurence on one of the Sundays in Guild Week in November. Several social events are held throughout the year including a summer outing and a party during the Christmas season.

Meetings are open to all as means of expressing faith in worship, prayer and action.

   Current Theme : 'Go in Peace'

   Motto : 'Whose I am and whom I serve'

   Project Strategy : 'Be Bold, Be Strong'

The six projects which Guilds are invited to support throughout the period 2015-2018 are

  • Street Pastors (Ascension Trust)
  • Breaking the Cycle of FMG (Female Genital Mutilation) (Feed the Minds)
  • All Friends Together (Welcoming those with Learning Disabilities)
  • Caring for Mother Earth in Bolivia (Christian Aid)
  • Haiti Project (Mission International)
  • Let's Stick Together (Care for the Family)

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