Message from the Board and Session

Dear Members and Friends of St Laurence,

We are writing to reassure you that though the church doors have been closed for several weeks St
Laurence Church is still very much alive. The Kirk Session and the Congregational Board, chaired by
Peter Taylor our Interim Moderator, have been meeting online using Zoom, which is quite a challenge for
some of us! Guild members have been keeping in touch by telephone and the choir members have
been exchanging newsy emails and keeping their brains active by completing quizzes and challenges
prepared by Ann Rossiter. Others in the congregation have been helping out neighbours by emailing,
dropping off shopping, delivering and sharing home baking and garden plants.

The Covid 19 pandemic has impacted on all our lives in ways which we would never have imagined a
few months ago and some of you may have had direct experience of the effects of this virus in your
own families. Loneliness and isolation are very real problems for many of our congregation just now
but remember that the church is still here for you. We may not be able to visit you in person but
please contact your elder or any member of the congregation if you need to talk to someone and
hopefully it won't be too long before we meet together again.

Online means of communication have become more important and are now a part of everyday life
for many of us. Here in St Laurence we are taking small steps to improve our online presence by
introducing new items to our website including information about church services and activities.
There will also be a new email address which will allow you to email directly to the church if you
have any queries or need assistance. Further down the line it might be possible to have a Facebook
page so if any of you or your family have skills which would assist with this then please get in touch
through the   address posted on the website.

Some of us will be anxious about our financial situation with so many shops and businesses closing
and redundancies becoming more common. Our Treasurer and the Finance Committee are also
anxious about the church income as we have been unable to collect your Free Will Offering
envelopes so please read their message below and consider how you could help. Even though the
church doors are closed there are still bills to be paid and a regular income is vital.

After Barry's retirement in January we had hoped to take the necessary steps towards finding a new
minister for St Laurence. Unfortunately Covid 19 has meant that progress has been much slower
than we would have wished. Peter Taylor has included a report about the vacancy and we hope you
will find this answers some of your questions.

At the time of writing we do not know when the church will be open again for regular Sunday
Worship but, if you can, please keep checking our Website for further information or ask a friend to
look for you if you don't have internet access.

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields and, until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Yours sincerely,
The Kirk Session and Board of St Laurence Parish Church