The Parishes of West Moray


Data from the 2011 Census

The Statistics and Mission Working Group at 121 George Street have undertaken the considerable task of analysing and reassembling data from the 2011 census in a form readily accessible to 'own parish' along with comparisons with 'own presbytery' and Scotland as a whole. To access this data for our area click on Census Statistics and enter any Forres postcode. Clicking on 'Parish Statistics' gives access to data relating to any of the local parishes, in each case compared with corresponding data from Moray and Scotland. It must be stressed that although the boundaries are ecclesiastical, the data relates to the civil parishes, for which reason it is better to think in terms of Forres West (the area covered by St Laurence, 2011 population 7,102) and Forres East (the area covered by St Leonards, 2011 population 2,291). Some of the more interesting comparisons are between these two somewhat different parts of Forres.

Measures of Significance

The coloured bar charts and pie charts display the comparative data well, but the questions 'is this are a real difference?' require a basis for judging significance. A rough guide is that for middle range percentages, say 25% to 75%, a percentage difference of 1% or more is significant. For Forres East where the population is lower, read 2% for significance. For lower percentage values the significance differences are reduced, for example the numbers of very elderly in Forres West is just significantly higher than those in Scotland - in Forres East it is greatly so!